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Thursday, July 3, 2014

The Incredible Connectron !!!!


On the sudden parting away of my beloved old phone , i bought myself a new smart phone. The buy was followed with the updation of the phone, bringing it up to date with all the contacts and the sites.So after the whole process one day I was searching through my contacts when all of a sudden my grandmothers flashed on my screen and kept flashing on the screen. Curious as to the number flashing on my screen continuously I clicked on the number .

Next what happened u ask? I was standing at the doorstep of my grandmother's home I dont knwo and i do not have the faintest clue.Puzzled , I ring the bell....and there I see her coming this happening in real? I pinch myself...Ouch..I am still here, must be true.

She comes close to the door and sees me and she as shell shocked as me ,maybe a wee bit more..She lets me in and instantly showers on me  a series of questions..How did you come? Why did you not inform? Why did you come alone ? Is everything ok?

I am standing there dumbfounded thinking should I tell her that a click of a button led me here? Would she believe me ? Or she would categorise me as delusional ? Not having the answers I told her that I just wanted to surprise you Nani..So I did not tell anyone and everything is as good as it can be or maybe even better ;)

We got talking , she made me drink the whole glass of milk that she always used to give us twice a day when we were kids and spending our vacations at her home. She told me how she was just making my favorite pickle and how she was thinking of me while doing that ...she said that she actually was thinking how many days it has been since we talked and years since we met . And moments later I was on the dooorway, sometimes its telepathy that works, she sighed and resumed her work.

Slowly it dawned on me phone got me here as she was missing me ...I missed a step or two when i realised my phone could do this...I was still trying to figure this out but it was clear to me that my phone had a power of connecting me to the people who were missing me at the instant..My phone as I like to call it is the "CONNECTRON".

Jumping with joy that such things do exist and my phone actually had a superpower of connecting me to my loved ones who miss me without me thinking about it in our high pressure lives , I suddenly had a question .How do i go back? Does somebody have to miss me only then I would be able to go back ?Will look into it but right now its time for some poha made by my grandmother.

After having spent some time with her I finally looked into my phone and wished to go back home ...and there the message displayed "BACK HOME". I knew this was my way I bid adieu to my grandmother and took her blessings ...left the home and pressed the button..and just like that I was back home.

It finally settled that I have a smart phone with a superpower which lets me connect people who miss me and gets me back too ..could life be any more awesome ? :)

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